Wonder is a non-profit organization geared toward making social action fun. It grew out of the work of its creative director Elena Simons in 2005. As people heard about her projects, a growing number of e-mails had come in proposing a collaboration of sorts. Simons brought a group together and they decided to found an organization. Currently, Wonder has a 4 employees staffing its office, while dozens of volunteers contribute to organizing the projects and many hundreds participate.

So far, Wonder has launched the Citizen Buddy (2005), Sex for Animals (2006), the Happy Company (2006) and the Cool Women (2007).

Soon the newest project will go online, called DeWereldRedden.nl, or SavingTheWorld.nl. This site contains a growing collection of video manuals for world changing behavior, such as choosing the right energy saving bulbs or purchasing a fair trade wardrobe. Those interested in taking up the challenge, can initiate or join an online group that pledges to execute their plan before a predetermined deadline.